Youtube Cheatsheet Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 20-07-2016


Youtube Cheatsheet

Youtube Cheatsheet” is the new product launched by Alaa Khassa, a guy to look for, as he’s releasing huge trainings about video marketing.

On this awesome cheatsheet you will find 43 top resources to learn more about creating and marketing your videos, and precisely:

  • Top 10 Youtube SEO Videos
  • 3 Advanced YouTube Rankings Techniques
  • Top 13 Blogs/Websites to Follow
  • Top 7 SEO Plugins/Software
  • Top SEO Outsourcing Services Websites
  • 7 Trainings to Find No Competition YouTube Keywords

Inside these videos I watched the “OMG300 The Youtube Loophole”, a webinar by Chris Rock where he shows how to rank your videos in a couple of minutes. Just this video is worth 100 times the value of this cheap cheatsheet… Imagine the other 42, including more high quality webinars!

Then there are a lot of tools to make your daily work easy, WordPress plugins to easily rank your new posts, and a lot of services I never knew about before. This is a gem to keep always available on your desktop anytime you want to learn something new for your work or for outsourcing the service for cash.

Don’t think twice about grabbing this “Youtube Cheatsheet“, as you can learn way more than purchasing classic courses. It’s simply outstanding.

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