Writing Life Histories Review

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Writing Life Histories


Dennis Becker is a man who provides solid concepts in the world of internet marketing, and this “Writing Life Histories” is another gem he extracted from his magic hat. Yes, because this is an awesome 86 page guide with many additional materials that will help you to create real paper books from family

And this is a thing that every family wants. If I could got this idea 15 years ago, I could write the memory of my grandparents…
Every family wants to have written memories of what the family members has done, reached, tried and experienced during their life.
And you can be the man/woman in the middle that can transform their dream in realty.

Because for young family members is important to remember the great things their family has done in the past, and for older family members it’s even more important to jot down their memories before they get lost forever.
So this is what you will learn to do, with over 100 questions to ask to get the contents flowing (this is pure gold!), a pre-interview research
worksheet, an interview transcription worksheet, a legacy letter worksheet, a client questionnaire and a marvelous memory helper.

All of this can be used on daily basis to make people happy, and to transform their dreams into a real paper book, for how many copies they desire.
Jump on this, because in every part of the world this is doable, and you can get rich doing it, without even advertising, because the word of mouth between family will play for you!

That’s why I feel that this launch is a different product from what we’re used to see.
For this reason “Writing Life Histories” is a must for you and your friend families as well.

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