WP Ignition PLR Review

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WP Ignition

Did you know that it is really dangerous to install WordPress using Fantastico? There are a number of reasons why but the main one is that it uses all the basic settings for installation that hackers are well aware of, making everything risky… and I learned that yesterday (after I installed over 60 blogs!).

And hackers know how to crack them within minutes of discovering your sites! Some marketing friends of mine, Garry Sayer and Paul Irvine, have come up with a good solution for this big problem. It’s “WP Ignition“, that shows you the safest and securest way of installing WordPress so you can minimize the risk of hackers doing their dirty deeds on your sites.

The training is delivered by very helpful and very easy to read PDF files, and more you can find some good videos for visual learners. What’s more these guys are also giving away full PLR rights to all the written content! A huge advantage, especially now that people are looking at WordPress blog protection!

So after you’ve learned the information yourself you can teach others how to do the same, and earn good cash for doing that! And brand yourself as a trusted authority figure (you know I like to grow authority!).

Go get this now whilst the price is still super low! Protect yourself from all the frustration, anger and lost revenue of having your sites hacked by picking this up today!
Get the job done with the amazing step by step instructions offered by “WP Ignition“!

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