Wiki Whisperer Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 23-11-2016


Wiki Whisperer

Today I’m here to review “Wiki Whisperer“, the new SEO software released by Cliff Carrigan to get huge backlinks.

I just wanted to get you in the loop about backlinks, as most people are seriously doing them completely wrong.

Maybe “wrong” isn’t the right word. Let me rephrase it… They are doing it the old way that has lost nearly 100% of its effectiveness.

Not long ago you could slam a few thousand profile or blog backlinks to point at a page and you would get some google love because they seen so many places linking to you that you must be legit.

But, they have caught on to that and now you could point 10’s of 1000’s of those links at a page and get almost zero benefit.

But when one door closes… another door opens! In this case, it is Wikipedia.

It has long been known and understood by the SEO big players that google trusts Wikipedia completely and will give an extreme amount of juice to anyone that Wikipedia links to, but the problem is that it has always been massively difficult to get a backlink from Wikipedia.

A friend of mine recently changed that! The whole sales page is basically a 7 minute video, and about 4 of those minutes are used to walk you through the actual “Wiki Whisperer” software, so go check it and you’ll understand why I am promoting this… and loving this solution!

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