When Evil Lurks Review

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When Evil Lurks


Hannibal, Darth Vader, Dracula, Jaws, Joker and many many more… If you are like me, you love movies with a good villain, and this “When Evil Lurks” guide will help you a lot. You know, the one who seems unbeatable.

Truth be told, most fiction readers – from Romance to Mystery to Thriller and back – also want to see their hero face off against the most well thought-out, dastardly nemesis possible.

Unfortunately, most of us spend our best creativity on the hero, and the plot. The villain gets our leftovers.

It’s human nature. I myself struggled with this myself in a so bad way!

So after my editor pointed this out countless times, I took the time to find out and master how the Greats create such memorable villains.

In “When Evil Lurks”, my mastermind buddy Bolaji O. has pulled back the curtain, and is sharing how the greatest stories create absolutely timeless villains.

I love this course.  I think you will, too. Doors just opened on this yesterday. Click here to learn more: “When Evil Lurks“.

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