Web Tricks Volume 1 Review

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Web Tricks Volume 1


Web Tricks Volume 1” is a brilliant new ebook composed by 7 high quality tricks, able to really help you in saving a lot time and much more!
The base tricks, obviously without explanation, are shown by the author directly on selling thread:

  • How to create an Adsense affiliate program
  • Expiring images and links
  • Invisible visible text
  • Automatic date changer
  • How to block Google
  • Eat and run
  • Cookie stuffing (places to do it safely)

As you can see from the titles, things start to be interesting, right? But there’s more to be uncovered!

For example, I liked so much the method to let your images and links expire on a set date. Thing about your Christmas and New Year wishes, left on your blog until Easter. That’s awful!
With one of the tips, you will learn how to let them disappear on the desired date, so that your blog stays up to date!
Or again, how many times your download page hidden by robots.txt was shown on Google? It happened to me, but thanks to another tip, there’s no more problems! Google will never discover your download page. So no more free downloads for your paid product!

There’s also a brilliant technique to use cookie stuffing on the websites where it is allowed. You know that this is forbidden, but not by all! And the author asked to each admin, and has a great list! Easy money with this technique!
For the price it’s sold, this “Web Tricks Volume 1” is huge, and it must be present in any internet marketer collection, as it save times, helps you to enhance SEO, earn much more and so on!

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