Viral Video FX Review

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Viral Video FX


Viral Video FX” is a desktop software for Win and Mac that creates videos by putting together trending video clips from Facebook and YouTube link, editing them and then publishes them natively on your Facebook Pages automatically.

It is more than easy to work with this software:

  • You find trending video clips from Facebook and YouTube then input link in software to download.
  • Adds your text, emotion, watermark on video, header, footer, and choose quality to export then automatically upload them to your Fanpages easily.

Some exciting features of “Viral Video FX” are:

  •  Window & Mac desktop software.
  • Add watermark, emotion, add text, background color to the header & footer of the editing video.
  • Automatically create viral videos.
  • Publish videos on Fanpages.
  • Export with high quality videos & save on your computer.

There’s no doubt that your videos would go viral!

Because their viral compilation video is already loaded with proven viral video clips that are trending online, it’s almost guaranteed to get likes, shares and tons more views than with regular videos.

And you don’t need to waste your time with YouTube, as there’s a much easier way for your videos to go viral by posting on Facebook, because there’s more engagement on it, it is made for viral videos, there’s less competition and Facebook videos get 8 billion views per day.

And on FB they are planning to share the revenue with publishers too, just like YouTube videos. This will happen very soon, before you may expect.

So it’s only a win win situation for you! Pick “Viral Video FX” up right away with my bonus set and the exclusive early bird discount right here!

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