Viral Optins Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 30-04-2013


Viral Optins


Wilco de Kreij launched today his new “Viral Optins“, a phenomenal WordPress plugin to grow your list of subscribers.
The curious thing is that this awesome plugin uses different techniques, all together, to gorw your opt-in’s list, and it’s great how the author created the entire process.

Once installed, this plugin is easy to setup; all you have to do is creating your opt-in form, with any color you like, and then decide which product to give away for free on second step.
And the second step is even more great, because to grab the gift, your new subscriber must share your link and bring in your desired number of downloaders, creating a superb viral effect.
They can share your url to Facebook, Twitter or your blog.

The best thing is you can choose to add a notification bar on footer, so that your subscribers can see how many people they bringed in, and how many are missing.
A real viral plugin like you never saw before. Wilco de Jreji developed this WordPress plugin with two licenses: a single site one, starting from $17, and a multisite one available for $27 and growing with dimesale.
If you are really searching to improve your subscriber’s rate, “Viral Optins” is the right way to do it. Don’t have doubts, now this is the best you can find!

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