Viral Loop Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 28-04-2016


Viral Loop

Viral Loop” is the all-in-one WordPress Theme that allows you to turn regular website visitors into interactive members and content creators, generating custom profiles, easily building fresh content and sharing it with their social circles for massive and unstoppable viral traffic.

And thanks to Cindy Battie’s amazingly simple post creator, you can have your own viral, money-grabbing posts up in less than 60 seconds!

All this is possible through this easy to configure WP theme, that is really flexible with a lot of settings to create your blog just as you like to see it. Everything is customizable here.

You are given the keys to create your blogging world, where you can add as many banners as you want, enable or disable membership signups, add your lead capture opt-in boxes, use social media to get more visitors, and turn each visitors into a special member with his own profile page, entirely customizable with a profile image, description and links.

Also the OTOs of this theme are well researched by Cindy. You can get access to a bundle of 10 websites created for you, get access to a set of autoresponder messages for your new signups or grab a viral survey plugin that allows your user to be more interested in your blog.

Viral Loop” gives permission to your users to become a part of your blog or your membership, and this is something I never seen before. With the many monetization ways it permits, this is really the best WordPress theme I ever seen.

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