VidPix Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 26-03-2016



Adding images to your blog is always an annoying process. You select the image from hard drive, and you add it to your articles. But it never generates anything, no clicks, no sales… nothing!

Until NOW! Because yesterday I tried “VidPix“, a brand new plugin for WordPress that turns all your images into interactive ones! Apart the fact it has a built-in image curator that give you access to million of images based on your keyword search, it has a brakthrough technology…

A tech that allows you to run any sort of marketing on TOP of your images, from opt-in forms to buy buttons and even live videos! MEANING you are finally monetizing your images and
turning them into active parts of your articles!

In fact early tests have shown VidPix enabled sites can bring in THREE times the usual revenue! Easy, drag and drop and so useful! No more annoying images for your visitors, but true live images that turn into advanced marketing!

VidPix” is this and way more, and can add a new layer to all your blogs by pressing just a couple of buttons on all the images you desire! Check it and be astonished by the results!

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