Video Authority Author Review

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Video Authority Author

Video Authority Author” is one of the most brilliant techniques now available to get more sales on your Kindle books, and achieve the best seller status in less than 30 days. How? Thanks to online videos and an easy Youtube trick!

In 4 huge modules, you will learn incredible things, based on fiction book releases as well as non fiction book releases. Here is a smart review:

Fiction writers:

1) Share your writing journey.
2) Create a huge buzz on your prelaunch phase.
3) Give to visitors more than a good reason to buy your book.
4) Pump up your social profiles by getting lots of followers.
5) Release the right previews about your next success.
6) Transform fans in loyal customers.

Non Fiction writers:

1) Put the concepts of your book into action.
2) Show how your customers are getting results from your concepts.
3) Grow your authority with ease.
4) Put yourself at same lever of your niche influencers.
5) Create a huge buzz and give people good reasons to buy your book.
6) Promote yourself and open the doors of media opportunities.

This is just a simple review, but you get tens of high quality instructional videos, plus two bonus chapters. You will learn all the keys to use Youtube like a master, and how to produce the real contents that get viewed, shared and commented like crazy.

You can sell more books, but thanks to your easy and short videos you will be able to appear on media, on websites like Forbes, CNN, ABC, USA Today, CBS, Fox News, NBC and People, just to name a few!

So if you invest today in “Video Authority Author“, I can confess is a good decision, because what you will learn on this video course is priceless and incredibly powerful. No one has ever touched this topic before!

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