Uber GDPR SaaS Review

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Uber GDPR SaaS


Are you trying to get GDPR Compliant On NON-WP Sites like Shopify, ClickFunnels, InstaPage, OptimizePress and HTML Sites and everything else?

Finally there’s the solution, created by Dirk Wagner: Uber GDPR SaaS.

A few days ago I contacted you about the new WordPress plugin called Uber GDPR which allows you to become GDPR compliant in just a few clicks.

Today this new SaaS solution for Non-WP sites launched which works similar but it has a few more advantages like:

  • You can use it for Shopify , ClickFunnels, InstaPage, OptimizePress, HTML sites & everything else in between.
  • Translation Made Easy – Now you can customize the entire GDPR & Legal page experience with your local language.
  • Fully Automated Customized Legal Pages – The system will generate customized legal pages based on your company info.

Uber GDPR SaaS, a web-based solution will fix these 7 prime requirements set by GDPR law:

  1. Data Access
  2. Data Rectification
  3. Psudonymization
  4. Cookie Consent
  5. Terms and Conditions Acceptanc
  6. Privacy Policy Acceptance
  7. Right to be forgotten

He set the price for Uber GDPR SaaS very low, but only for my customers and for a very short time and it comes with developer license too.
Don’t lose the chance to be protected against the impacting GDPR.

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