Turbo Dynamic Url Review

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Turbo Dynamic Software


Internet Marketing legend John Delavera has just released a new TURBO software and this is the first time he offers it with the Resale, Master Resale AND PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS (yes, ALL the licenses you’d ever get) for less than a pizza – or a smoothie if you prefer…!

John has a long background on software creation and he is known for the out of box ideas that have generated him millions of dollars in sales, plus as an Internet-Marketing-aholic everything he creates is laser-focused on Internet Marketing.

Turbo Dynamic URL” is no exception!

This is a must-have software you can both use and sell – and believe me it can sell like hot cakes… because EVERY Internet Marketer NEEDS it BADLY!


Well… have you seen these sections in the JV pages where all the PRO marketers offer a “bonus page” that can display the name, photo and affiliate link of the affiliate DYNAMICALLY – on the fly?

That’s what that software does.

If you sell products online, you need this tool for offering a ready-made page that is branded automatically for each one of your affiliates.

If you do not sell products online, then this is the best way to start doing so, since you get a superb product and your customers can be proud – even sign it as yours, change the title and get the praise of being a super genius creator!

As noted, for less than a cheap pizza you get everything you need to sell the software:

  • The “Turbo Dynamic URL” software itself.
  • The sales letter.
  • Killer graphics incorporated in the sales letter.
  • Thank you page.
  • A PDF illustrated step by step manual.
  • Certificates for your RR, MRR and PLR rights.

You need to be fast… because there is 1 catch!

The software has just been released and it will be available for that low price ONLY for the next 4 days. After those 4 days the price changes x10 (and this is NOT a marketing trick…)

So either you get the whole enchilada right now, today, in some minutes… or you slack and need to pay x10 after the launch. It will still be there of course, but who doesn’t want to get everything for the lowest price possible?

Start giving your affiliates more chances to sell your products, or sell this to product creators. In every case “Turbo Dynamic URL” is a huge advantage for you!

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