The Pin Code 2.0 Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 23-07-2016


Did you know there is a social media site out there that is been quietly creeping up on Facebook? I’m talking about Pinterest. Yup, that site where yummy mummies pin up pretty pictures.

Except that those pretty pictures are generating billions of dollars and it is not just the yummy mummies who are raking them in.

There are now over 110 million regular users of Pinterest. And those users don’t just browse – they buy. A lot.

83% who click on a pin then buy. Or they sign up for whatever you have on offer. That is the kind of engagement Facebook can only dream about. And the good news is that it is only going to get bigger.

If you are not already on this gravy train you are seriously missing out. Thing is, it is not quite that simple. You can’t just leap on there without a strategy that works.

Luckily for you, that is what Amanda Craven gives you in “The Pin Code 2.0“. In this she shows you how she gets an incredible amount of engagement on a Pinterest account that is only a few days old.

She also shows you every tip and trick you need to conquer this amazing marketplace that actually wants to help marketers.

The Pin Code” is taught in both PDF and video format. It is the only course you need to start monetizing Pinterest whether or not you have tried before and failed or you are brand new to this golden opportunity.

Check “The Pin Code 2.0” out now but hurry because it is on dimesale and rising fast!

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