Stealthd Review

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Stealthd Review

Today I bought a copy of Stealthd, as I usually do for all the courses I review here. I’ve to say I really loved this product, because it shows a solid method to get affiliate sales without a list, without emails and without FB Ads as well.

All true? Yes, this time it’s all true and I loved the course so much that I decided to upgrade later to two upsells. I was really taken by this course.

It shows a technique to promote your affiliate products (and also your personal products, why not?) on Google Ads, using a sneaky technique I was not knowing at all.

Stealthd has only 6 videos, and only 2 will give you some ah-ha moments. The other are the usual fillers and nothing more.

Well, the value of this course is above the $12.95 you will pay for. So, if you are here thinking, don’t think twice, this will make you happy and will also make you some cash.

If you are a Google Ads pro, instead, avoid this product. As I told you, it shows a cool method to advertise, but it’s not for expert users. It’s for people like me, that I was not using Google Ads by at least 6 months.

If you are interested in upsell, go for OTO1. It’s costly at $197, but gives you a retargeting file to upload in your Google Ads with over 2,500,000 unique viewers of their offers. It’s people already interested in online marketing products, and you can build a fortune for cheap (as the list becomes yours.)

Another good upsell is the $97 one with advanced techniques about Google Ads. Really advanced things I really loved and that will integrate in my ads.

Today I published my first two ads, and I’m ready to turn this into a new job. Go now, and grab your copy of Stealthd until it’s so cheap!

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