Society 11 Review

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Secret 11


A few minutes ago I joined the new secret mastermind membership from my good friends Andy Brocklehurst and Curt Crowley: “Society 11“, and it’s something so valuable that I feel like a 5 years old in a shop of sweeties.

This is a FB group of like minded individuals where they can talk, exchange opinions in a coopetitive way, working collectively together in a brand new way.

In “Society 11” FB group there’s value shared by the two owners, but that’s not all!

Inside the membership you find 10 big name software released by them, and courses that was sold for a big price just until yesterday.

More, you get access to the eBooks sold by Andy that can be downloaded on your hard drive for future reference. And you get also a 40% discount for their next courses.

If you think about the value of the Facebook Group, that is a great way to talk and meet new people, this is simply astonishing.

I joined it, and I’m happy to have joined it. Last thing, when you join it you can have your affiliate link.

Society 11” membership is exclusive and was not launched over the classic places: it’s secret and only who see the link can join. You are lucky for this, as you have the limited time opportunity to enter a selected group of like-minded people!

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