Social Jacker Review

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Social Jacker


Two days ago I bought “Social Jacker“, and I’ve to say if used in the way I will explain in a few seconds, it can really bring in a lot of fresh signups to your list.

“Jacking” means sharing an original link where you inserted your opt-in form, so that people think that opt-in form comes from original site, and this way you can collect leads without the usual difficulty.

After playing a little with “Social Jacker” and with its OTO1 (that adds some cool features), I created a fitness link with a great contest (people can win a prize of $999, a fitness machine).

So sharing this link on around 50 FB groups of fitness, with a gig I bought on Fiverr, since yesterday I’ve been able to get a few signups, pretty good.

So you have to create the opt-in form about a contest (you will decide if give prize randomly, or not giving it) and choose the same colors of the website. This way, when you share the article (that must be cool and interesting) you start getting leads.

And the process will continue for sure for 3 or 4 days, until the article goes down on the FB page.

Consider I shared it only on Facebook Groups, but you can share it on Twitter, Google+ communities, Slack communities, and in many other places and many other niches.

Start targeting new trends, to get curiosity and clicks. There are countless niches you can work in. But what this “Social Jacker” does it’s completely out of this world, and I’m very very happy to have got my copy.

If you will ever need help, please reply to this email and I will be happy to help you. Don’t lose the opportunity to capture leads in a new original way!

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