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If you know people who like puzzles, you know they crave new ones all the time.

From Sudoku, to Cryptograms, to Mazes, and Word Searches – puzzlers are always on the lookout for more, and this “Simple Weekly Profits” is right for them.
Why? Because once they work a puzzle, it’s over, and once they finish a book, it gets tossed in the trash.

That trash means CASH for you if you offer a steady stream of new puzzles to those people on a regular basis.

That’s the reason a company like PennyDell can make MILLIONS of dollars each year selling puzzle books.

Recently, PennyDell realized that the very same people who enjoy puzzles also enjoy coloring, and they began offering a line of coloring books. That line has also taken off.

The reason is simple: It’s more DISPOSABLE CONTENT – stuff that gets used, thrown away, and replaced.

It’s CASH week after week, month after month, and year after year.

Another player in that very same “use it, toss it, and replace it” market is JOURNALS.

You know journals are HOT, and with the New Year right around the corner, the JOURNAL MARKET is poised to EXPLODE like it does every single year.

What if YOU could tap into ALL THREE of those SUPER PROFITABLE MARKETS, and turn trash into cash?

Introducing “Simple Weekly Profits“, the FIRST ALL-INCLUSIVE, DELUXE PLR PACKS on the market that are designed to take you from download to up-and-selling in LESS THAN ONE HOUR – even if you have NO technical skills!

That’s right, while other PLR packs offer just the basics – generally a done-for-you book and covers, “Simple Weekly Profits” DELUXE PLR packs give you the basics AND everything else you need to go from DOWNLOAD to UP-AND-SELLING in LESS THAN ONE HOUR.

“Simple Weekly Profits” DELUXE PLR packs include all of this:

  • Customizable Product (20+ Pages)
  • Customizable eCovers
  • Customizable 3D Cover (Main Product)
  • Customizable Opt-In Gift (Cover + 3 Pages)
  • Customizable eCovers for Opt-In Gift
  • Copy & Paste Sales Page
  • Copy & Past Opt-In Page
  • Copy & Paste Download Page
  • Copy & Paste Contact/Support Page
  • Copy & Paste Affiliate Page
  • Done-for-You Affiliate Banners
  • Done-for-You Affiliate Email Swipes
  • Done-for-You Customer Autoresponders
  • Done-for-You Opt-In Autoresponders
  • Done-for-You Buy Button Graphics
  • Start-to-Finish Video Training

It’s SO EASY to use what you get that you don’t even need technical skills! If you can copy & paste, and you can follow simple instructions, you really can go from download to up-and-selling in LESS THAN ONE HOUR.

Isn’t it time you stopped buying PLR that you never use and start earning “Simple Weekly Profits“?

** EXCLUSIVE BONUS – I created for you a never-seen-before bonus, a book with 10 spirals to color, all about animals. You get PLR rights on it!

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