Shopify Traffic Explosion Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 06-12-2015


Shopify Traffic Explosion

Today I released “Shopify Traffic Explosion” together with Saul Maraney, that is a collection of 7 free and paid traffic metods to get more sales from your Shopify stores.

Each technique is explained through a step by step how-to, with screenthots, and helps you to create your targeted traffic in just a few minutes a day, to get way more sales from your stores. The most of the methods are free, with just one paid. I’ve put a lot of research and studies into this, you know how much efforts I do to present you something huge each and every time.

For who doesn’t have yet a Shopify store, I will record a live webinar on how to create your store from zero, how to add products and grow it day in and day out to get more sales.

About the OTO, you can find 5 video trainings on new methods for getting even more traffic, including a gem like how to setup upsells and cross-sells inside your Shopify store in seconds. A lot of value for little prices, as I usually do. At the end, instead, a webinar coaching to start a brand new business through Shopify, based on our experience.

This is a big gem, because “Shopify Traffic Explosion” comes as a real case study of my Shopify store I created to support my authority blog about survivalism. But be fast, as the dimesale for $7 closes in just 1 hour!

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