Shopified App Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 23-04-2016


Shopified App


Shopified App” is a software that allows you to manage your Shopify stores in minutes, giving you permission to add products in seconds, not a lot of minutes like doing it by hand. In this software you will discover:

  • How to run a Shopify dropshipping business in the quickest way possible, and I bet you never seen it done this way before!
  • A user friendly Chrome extension that’s quick and simple to use. This is super important because you can easily pull products from Ailexpress or Alibaba and quickly add them on your store with the click of a button.
  • ePacket Identifier, which is huge because when you are scrolling through Aliexpres or Alibaba you will see the ePack Identifier as you scroll over each product. This will save you loads of time as you are researching products to add to your store!

It was so hard and time consuming to add products to Shopify. Writing a description, a title, importing one or more photos, setting the price and all the different characteristics. Now all you need is one mouse click!

That’s why this “Shopified App” is so powerful, a tool that allows you to create your business from zero in few minutes per day. You can have a store with 250 products ready in a couple of days!

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