ShopaBot Review

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The highly anticipated “ShopABot” system is live!

With this cloud based software you’ve got everything you need right out of the box.

You’ll get:

  • 1-click Amazon store in moments (pick a name and it’s yours.)
  • It’s all hosted for you (for free), no domain or anything extra to buy.
  • Instantly have ALL products from Amazon, updated automatically.

For these three reasons, this software grabs the first placein Amazon Associates site creators. No more WordPress installations, money spent on domain names and plugins, hacker problems and so on.

This software tackles one of the biggest issues facing affiliate marketers, that is finding traffic.

ShopABot” finds products that are going viral.

You’ll be able to discover which products are getting the most viral shares, being talked about about on social media or even being added to people’s wishlists.

And then gives you the ability to create giveaways and contests that automatically run, to get more likes, shares and viral traffic to your store.

The price is rising in a couple of hours though, so don’t wait or you’ll be kicking yourself.

ShopABot” is the best Amazon Associates site creator I ever seen, and in one click imports all the products based on your category or keyword.

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