Sean Mize’s 25 Coaching Lessons Review

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25 Coaching Lessons


Imagine having top quality coachings to read for yourself, or to sell as premium contents… it is something huge this “Sean Mize’s 25 Coaching Lessons” package.

They are 25 coachings delivered by Sean Mize, a man that I saw growing on Warrior Forum from zero and become one of the top sellers there.

25 coachings of top level, created with 4 mini reports each, for a total of 2,000 words per coaching.

Here is the list of 8 coachings on the total of 25 you receive, all great topics, right what people want to learn.

  1. How to Outline and Blueprint Their Business.
  2. How to Develop Their Sales Funnel.
  3. How to Create Products.
  4. How to Find Traffic.
  5. How to Write Sales Letters.
  6. How to Write Emails.
  7. How to Create Youtube Videos and Create a Youtube Presence.
  8. How to Create Their Entire Info-Business.
  9. And 17 more up-to-date lessons!

If you multiply 25 lessons per 4 mini reports, you obtain 100 of them that you can give away every 3 days to your subscribers to keep them active for an entire year. Or you can sell them
all in one hit. Or you can build a high-ticket book by joining them all… A lot of solutions!

It’s your choice here, but I wouldn’t lose this huge package of “Sean Mize’s 25 Coaching Lessons” coming from the collection of Sean Mize!

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