RPI Check Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 25-11-2016


RPI Check

Today I’m here to review “RPI Check” by Cliff Carrigan, a supreme video marketer with a lot of experience on the field.

What this software does, basically, is to determine the real authority of the video you are targeting. And it tells you the right steps you must do to go over that video, and place your one on top, to get huge results.

It automatically pulls the needed information from the authority site MOZ, to determine what you have to do to beat your competitors step by step.

By entering a video url, you will get all the social media information to know why it’s so powerful and why it ranks so well. You get a result going from “0” to “70”.

If “0” means it will be a joke to get its place on Youtube and Google, “70” will instead means it will be a hard battle. But the software helps you in any case, because you get the right plan to win over any real competitor you find on your way to profits.

In short, with “RPI Check” you can beat any video on Youtube with simple 7 steps that you can see also on the home page. This is pure gold for video marketers!

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