Reviving Abandoned Stories Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 01-04-2016


Revive Abandoned Stories


Today I got a review copy of the new Britt Malka guide, called “Reviving Abandoned Stories“. How many unfinished stories do you have lying around on your hard drive? How many books could you have written by now if you had a method to finish those stories?

Britt Malka was a long-term chronic story starter with a never-ending series of promising story starts. In her latest ebook, “Reviving Abandoned Stories”, she shares the method she found that helped her get back on track and finish the stories, one after another.

Inside this terrific 53-page ebook, you will discover things like:

  • When you should revive a story and when you shouldn’t.
  • How you can make money, even with the stories you are not going to revive.
  • What you should do to avoid creating even more unfinished stories.
  • And much more!

You will also learn a new and awesome habit you can adapt to make it fun to finish your stories and give you new energy and motivation to write your work-in-progress stories.

I’ve read the book, and it’s valuable content with real world advice from an experienced writer. I highly recommend to grab a copy of “Reviving Abandoned Stories” as soon as possible, as the price goes up after every sale. Grab yours here, and you could be closer to finishing one of your abandoned stories by the end of this week!

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