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Review Wizard


Review Wizard” is officially live. Inside, you will get a proven, 2-part system for building a better online business.

Open only for 3 days from today, this plugin is incredibly cool, because when you will start a new post on your blog, you see a new section below your article.

This section allows you to configure and create a box to support your review, with:

  • Rating
  • Price
  • Concept
  • Execution
  • Value

Consider you can rename each one of these options the way you like, so this plugin works not only for internet marketing product reviews, but also for any other niche you are promoting.

Then there is a “Pro & Cons” area where you can enter your details, and a “Call to Action Bar”, to optionally enter a text for the bar and a link to send people to. Easy and smart!

Finally there’s a SEO area, useful for inserting keywords together with a solid SEO description.

Another good thing you can find is the color scheme, so that you can set favorite colors for the review box.

If you don’t like to enter star ratings you can also change the look of your icons, selecting a crown, heart, thumbs up, trophy, person or lightbulb.

At the end of this deep review I did thanks to the review copy I received, I can tell you this plugin is very easy to use and not intrusive, as you can choose in which posts put the review box and in which ones avoid to insert it.

This is an excellent way to make your review more professional to the eye of your customers, and finally convince them to purchase a product or another. Being a review plugin, I give 5 stars to this “Review Wizard“, lol.

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