Profit Slacker Review

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Profit Slacker


Today I heard about a new product by Jeremy Kennedy, a long time friend, called “Profit Slacker“. Here is my review for you.

Have you ever heard about a new social network called Slack? Well, it is a wildly popular new tool originally intended to be a real-time team messaging app.

However, we are starting to see hundreds of interest and niche themed groups popup for people to share and discuss their passions. And that’s why I’m telling you about “Profit Slacker“…

Here are 5 reasons you should consider for creating your  own niche-targeted Slack community:

1. You can charge recurring for access… along with a dozen other ways to monetize. For example, one Slack community called Nomads List has over 12,000 members and charges 9.95 a month for access. That’s over $119,000 a MONTH for running a Slack group.

2. It’s free to start and run. It doesn’t cost a dime to have your own Slack community so why not??

3. It’s like having an Email List. Once people are in your group, you can use push notifications to “broadcast” messages out to the entire community at the push of a button. This can result in profits on demand.

4. You can Become an Authority overnight. Just by being the owner of a community, people will instantly place authority on you as a leader and influencer in your niche. People will know, like and trust you which means they will buy from you.

5. I’ll show you Exactly how to Do It. Jeremy put together a 5 part video series that shows you step by step how to setup your community and monetize it. You can be up and running before your head hits the pillow tonight.

Click here to start your Slack community right now, it will be fast, easy and really profitable. Go now and check out this “Profit Slacker” course!

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