Pluckr Review

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Pluckr Review


This Wednesday (in partnership with top WarriorPlus vendor James Renouf) Dave Espino is launching the most incredible training I ever seen, named “Pluckr“.

This training will show you an UNKNOWN WAY to find and target the HYPER BUYERS – in ANY NICHE.

Imagine being able to tap into the most lucrative markets, in any niche, and ONLY run ads to the RAVING FANS in that market when they are “hottest-to-buy” using a never-before-shown method.

Imagine being able to run ads for “pennies on the dollar” to ONLY those who have already PROVEN themselves to be BUYERS! (Most of whom have already spent thousands of dollars in your target market!)

Imagine being able to “pluck” out only the most serious buyers in any market – buyers who are STARVING for your product, service, CPA offer, Merch by Amazon t-shirt, affiliate offer, eCommerce offer, online course and more!

What you’re about to discover inside”Pluckr” is something no one has taught ANYWHERE before…

If you’ve been in the online marketing game for any length of time, then you know that the absolute BEST group of people to advertise to (in any market) are the people who have ALREADY BOUGHT something similar to your product.

For example:

  • If you sell weight loss supplements, then your best target market is the people who’ve ALREADY BOUGHT a weight loss product.
  • If you sell “make money online” products, then your best target market is the people who have ALREADY BOUGHT “make money online” products.
  • If you sell relationship advice, then the best people to advertise to are those who have ALREADY BOUGHT relationship products.

No matter which product / service you sell, thanks to”Pluckr” the FANATICAL BUYERS you will find are a special breed.

As you probably already know, only a tiny percentage of website VISITORS turn into BUYERS. (Between 2 – 5%) to cold traffic, for example.

This means that, in order to FIND these BUYERS, a marketer had to FILTER through 95% – 98% of their visitors…

So, out of 1,000 visitors, you will only potentially get 20 to 50 BUYERS in this scenario. (Obviously your numbers could be different depending on what you are selling, but you get the point)

THE FANATICAL BUYERS in your market (who you REALLY want to deal with) are the ULTIMATE prospects, but you have to sift through the 95% to get to the 5%.

NORMALLY, you have no way to “pluck” the money makers out of the herd. That is something that has never existed before in the marketing world. (Until now)

The BUYERS are the ones who were SO SERIOUS about solving their problem or enjoying their niche that they’ve ALREADY been through the steps that lead up to a sale, and are now READY TO BUY.

Because they are without question the HIGHEST SPENDING BUYERS in your market! And… This KILLER TRAFFIC METHOD Works In ANY MARKET – for ANY business!

Check Out Pluckr Right Now!

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