Permafree Publishing Review

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Permafree Publishing


Need more book sales? Looking for more traffic for your products, online marketing or services? Then you don’t want to miss this “Permafree Publishing“.

Discover how to how to get in front of this massive 304 million audience… all with free content. And, how to turn this audience into subscribers, customers, and sales.

In addition, you can easily find and focus on your specific audience quickly and easily without paying any advertising costs.

In her brand new training, “Permafree Publishing”, Amy Harrop reveals how to tap into this audience, with a rinse and repeat method you will absolutely love.

She reveals:

  • How to easily publish free content on Amazon, it’s NOT KDP SELECT.
  • Why permafree is useless without this.
  • How to multiply your permafree content to reach more audiences.
  • How to create the perfect follow-up and turn consumers into subscribers, fans and customers.
  • How to sell your permafree content and create additional income streams.
  • And much much more!

This is a great guide if you want better rankings for your Kindle books, and more downloads that will bring in more buyers in the following days and weeks. The method explained inside the “Permafree Publishing” guide works really well for fiction and non-fiction book.


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