Paleo For Athletes PLR Pack Review

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Paleo For Athletes PLR Pack


Paleo For Athletes PLR Pack” is a great package of all what you need for the famous weight loss diet but under another angle.

The PLR Pack infact is all about Paleo for athletes, people living for sport. Until now there wasn’t any article made for them, and no information on the web. Now you have the big opportunity to grab a pack of:

  • 11 PLR Articles
  • 12 pages report
  • 12 Powerpoint slides
  • Checklist
  • Webinar speaking points
  • Webinar handout

The articles are really well written, and their titles are:

  1. Why Athletes Choose Paleo – 587 words
  2. Workouts for the Paleo Lifestyle – 533 words
  3. How to Eat Like a Paleo Athlete – 475 words
  4. Workout Recovery – 432 words
  5. Famous Paleo Athletes You Can Learn From – 542 words
  6. Are You Working Out Too Hard – 606 words
  7. Daily Supplements For Success – 481 words
  8. Plan Your Day for Success – 640 words
  9. Get Your Green Smoothie On – 455 words
  10. Your Pre and Post Workout Meals – 458 words
  11. How to Become a Paleo Athlete – 527 words

Considering the high quality of the articles, and how the additional report and slides where created, with this package you get more than what you are paying. If you add also the fact that you get a guide to create a webinar and one to give to webinar attendees, this package becomes really valuable.

And the additional contents are superb. You have a big and complete package in your hands, ready to be turned into profits! And today you can get your copy of “Paleo For Athletes PLR Pack” for a lowest price, actually at leass than $8!


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