Offline Phone Force Review

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Offline Phone Force


Offline Phone Force” is the new WSO by Bruce NewMedia, and it shows you how to get easy leads through phone interviews.
The easy thing is you get all the scripts by the author, not only for the first time interviews, but also for the first meetings you will have with the new subscribers and leads!
In fact you get a total of six items purchasing this awesome WSO. They are:

  • Training manual
  • Complete interview scripts
  • Complete list of recruiting tools and flyers
  • Quickstart audio with tips and strategies
  • Bruce email support
  • How to recruit experienced outside sales staff (Bonus)

As you can see there is a lot of value, and you can start getting real contacts on daily basis to convert in customers, or choose if it’s better to hire a virtual assistant to do the job for you.
You decide! But this WSO comes from the real experiences by the author, and in fact it was nominated as the “WSO Of The Day” for the 6th April. Awesome!

It doesn’t matter if you are new or you have experience in offline consulting. This package will help you convert more leads into buyers of your services, and that’s great!
Offline Phone Force” is offered for a little price, but hides a big value. Uncover it!

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