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Today I want to talk you about the way I used to get high-ticket payments. Because low-ticket is good, but you will get nowhere with low payments.

So let me present NowLifestyle, a program who wants to cancel diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and many other ilnesses from the world. Inside the membership people can find exercises and advices to lose weight and stay fit, but I want to talk you about the business opportunity.

I joined this program last October, because I like their idea, and I started promoting it as a business. Months ago I refused to pay the $997 upgrade, and until a week ago I’ve lost 23 high-ticket payments from people who instead decided to upgrade.

So last week I paid my $997, split in 5 months, at $200 each to join the premium program, get access to 10 different courses (one of them gives you the chance to get the NowBody Certification.)

Well, thanks to that I’m making, apart the $14.50 monthly commissions, a lot of $500 commissions. First commissions are now lost, but I embraced the possibility to receive high-ticket payments each and every month, and they help a lot.

This changes the way you work. And if you decide to join even the $29/month program, I will send you an email with my traffic techniques, so you can start running fast and getting real results.

Start collecting high-ticket payments from your affiliates!

I failed countless times with these programs, but NowLifestyle is the unique that not only works, but gives you a lot of satisfaction and make you live better.

Don’t wait and don’t think twice about the NowLifestyle opportunity, it really works with my secret methods I will show you.

Thanks a lot and see you soon,
Alessandro Zamboni

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