My New WSO – Kindle Thriller

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Kindle Thriller


Kindle Thriller” is a brand new ebook that shows you how to create, launch and promote a thriller book on Kindle marketplace. Building a thriller may seem difficult, sometimes even impossible. Instead our ebook shows the exact steps to follow for:

  • Identifying the thriller niche.
  • Discovering the 13 thriller sub-genres.
  • The 4 ways to write a winning thriller.
  • 8 incredible techniques to get a flow of ideas.
  • How to build your characters in 10 minutes.
  • How to build a professional thriller plot (27 ways).
  • Our 2 secrets to make plot building a joke.
  • The solution and the fake solution.
  • How to create a super series: 4 solutions to common problems.
  • Plus, 2 incredible FB groups to join!

More, you get 2 bonus guides (31 pages in total) that will help you to publish your book on Kindle marketplace, and to get it promoted, with over 44 sites for promoting it free, and more than 7 techniques to draw substantial traffic to it!

And what about the One Time Offer? It’s a super collection of 50 high quality covers, of the right size, especially designed for thriller genre and sub-genres. Moreover, you can have 2 personal covers created just for you, for your next book!

This is a once in a lifetime course; something that was created to help writers become expert thriller authors and to build their authority in the most followed genre ever on the planet. Thanks so much and see you on “Kindle Thriller” sales thread!

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