MSG Leads Review

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MSG Leads


Today I’m here to review the new “MSG Leads“, an incredible app that lets you build a list starting from FB Pages and Groups contacts.

They say email still drives the highest ROI of any form of marketing. That’s only true if your messages get through…

It starts with your leads. If you get fake email addresses on your optin forms, you’re screwed from the start. And face it – NOTHING stops prospects from entering a fake email on your squeeze page.

They get the goods, and you get … zero. Every bad email address you collect ALSO means a reduction in your overall email delivery rate.

Then of course, you’re counting on people opening up your emails. 10% open rate on a 1000 person list? Not a pretty picture.

Want to know how to get 100% VERIFIED email addresses every time?

This brand new app called “MSG Leads” lets you build your list using people’s actual FB email addresses. These are verified by FB itself … so you know they’re legit.

Plus, when you use this software as described, you’ll be able to build FB messenger lists at the exact same time as you build your email list.

Sneaky smart. 2 ways to contact every subscriber. EACH subscriber hears from you twice, every time you send a message.

Most people need to hear a message a few times before buying. Now you can get them to the “buy” decision twice as fast.

Ready to double up on your email profits? This “MSG Leads” will solve a lot of problems allowing you to build your list fast, and with real email addresses!

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