Mobile Security and Privacy Cheatsheet Review

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Mobile Security And Privacy Cheatsheet


Barb Ling recently launched a cheatsheet based on a hot topic, that is mobile phones and tablet security, in a world where we are spied from the morning to the night by companies and by hackers.

Apart the usual news at a mouse click, inside “The Mobile Security and Privacy Cheatsheet” you will find answers to a lot of common questions on the subject, and precisely:

  • How can the apps track you?
  • How to keep FB Apps from viewing your data?
  • How to control your smartphone app permissions?
  • How to prevent kids from using fake kids apps?
  • How to protect your cell phone from hackers?
  • Which are the best Apple Watch security settings?
  • How to find a lost cell phone?
  • How to protect all mobile devices?
  • How to secure your phone before you borrow it?
  • How to transform your phonr into a security camera?
  • And much, much more.

You can turn yourself into a mobile security and privacy expert for around $3, knowledge you can use for yourself, or resell as a service.

It’s fundamental to know everything about your privacy and your security nowadays, so don’t forget to grab a copy of this right-to-the-point cheatsheet!

Grab your copy of Barb Ling’s”The Mobile Security and Privacy Cheatsheet” until it is priced so low!

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