Mobile Author Review

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Mobile Author


Do you have a mobile website for your books? People are reading your books on their mobile devices. People are buying your books on their mobile devices. Mobile is now the King. That’s a fact.

Would you like your very own mobile website? How about a mobile site that records every visitor? And records every buy button click?

Well, that’s what “Mobile Author” does. You can now see exactly who your book buyers are. Who your superfans are. And you can target them effectively.

In fact, “Mobile Author” does all the hard work for you. As authors, we need to find book buyers, and “Mobile Author” excels at this.

That’s what makes it unique. No one else has anything like this. Imagine accessing your book buyers and all your superfans in one single place.

This is a 7-day limited sale, and three days are yet gone for good, so don’t wait anymore or the price will double!

Grab this leading-edge tool named “Mobile Author“, created by the Kindle expert Paul Coleman, and you will be glad you did!

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