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Today I want you to know more about a new solution for sending your emails for cheap: the email marketing software “MailGet“.

MailGet” is a great software for email marketing and is quite affordable at the same time.

Just to update you, the average price for sending emails to 10,000 subscribers with any email marketing company is roughly $74 per month.

MailChimp or Aweber charges roughly $74/month for 10,000 Subscribers. ConverKit charges $110/month for 10,000 Subscribers. And Constant Contact is $125/month!

But for “MailGet“, you’ll pay $29/month for 10,000 Subscribers, making this unbeatable.

You can then connect Amazon SES with them and pay $1 for 10,000 emails.

So if you send 15 campaigns to 10,000 Subscribers, it will be $29/month with “MailGet” and $15 at the Amazon SES end, totaling less than $45/month. That’s the saving on the smallest plan.

You can check out “MailGet” through the link below.

** Get as a Bonus “Tab Alert”, a WordPress plugin that places blinking messages to deliver your messages to your visitors!

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