Maggazzine Style Review

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Maggazzine Style


Today I’m here to review an incredible collection of magazines you can use to build your list or to make sales: it’s “Maggazzine Style“.

If you are like the countless number of marketers out there selling their own products or selling affiliate products, you know that having a red-hot list of prospects — ready to buy your products — is CRUCIAL to the success of your business.

But here’s the problem…

If you don’t have the time, money or expertise to create engaging high-quality content that people WANT and NEED, for your lead magnet, you’re going to find it impossible to build your list and ultimately sell your products.

And this can mean that all your hard work leads to misery and frustration.

My friend Jonathan Oshevire has come up with the perfect solution to this and has created the perfect — most “Impossible to ignore” lead magnets that you’ll ever get your hands on.

The product is called “Maggazzine Style” and is a huge collection of over:

  • 30 Magazine style with pre-written content
  • 20 E-book designer themes with content
  • 10 Newsletter themes with content
  • 10 Magazine themes with content
  • 10 Magazine style templates
  • 5 Ebooks templates
  • 5 Newslettters templates
  • 5 Magazine templates

In fact anyone that uses e-books, or newsletters, as their main method of product creation will have a ready-made library of “Fill in the blanks” covers and templates, ready to use “Right out of the box”.

Check this example magazine. You get them in editable format.

You can use it for building your list, or distribute it for free to make sales with ads you can place on the pages. Or again, you can sell them one by one or in collections! So from today, you can:

  • Forget about spending money on hiring writers.
  • Forget about wasting time creating your own content.
  • Stop stressing over hiring expensive graphic designers.

Because these “Fill in the blanks” magazines do all this and really capture and engage your audience through stylized content, stunning pictures and professionally written text!

They are totally stunning and are leagues above anything else out there – meaning you will be too. The best thing is that if you’re quick — you will even get resell rights to all the content as well… all at this discounted launch price.

Grab your “Maggazzine Style” collection right now, and start building your fan base!

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