Lockin Traffic Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 20-07-2013


Lockin Traffic


Mervik Haums launched his “Lockin Traffic“, a WordPress plugin to lock your contents for increasing traffic, SEO and signups, all in one time!
An awesome idea to get your visitors to stay on site longer, to increase your SEO fastly, and a super idea to get fast signups and social submission fastly.
Every content you share, from now on, can be readed only after a social share, or a signup to your list. A great idea!

Many famou sbloggers are currently using this technique by some times, with optimal results and conversions.
One of them is Neil Patel from QuickSprout, that is increasing social traffic, SEO and signups just by locking contents.
You can count on three version of the same plugin, with three different prices:

  • Single site license, if you have just one blog to care about.
  • Unlimited personal license, if you want to add this plugin to an unlimited number of blogs you run.
  • Unlimited developer’s license, if you want to make cash by also selling blogs with this plugin installed.

You may decide which is the best version for you!
Lockin Traffic” brings new fresh air in a super saturated market, where a plugin like this is needed by every blogger around.

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