Link Cloaker 2 Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 02-04-2016


Link Cloaker 2

Thomas Witek’s “Link Cloaker 2” is a WordPress plugin you can use on any WordPress site you manage. This plugin puts yourself in control of your traffic and, more importantly, of your income.

With a lot of powerful features, it optimize every affiliate link. No more losing valuable commissions because you couldn’t control your traffic.

This software does all of the hard work for you. In fact it manages:

1) Global Redirects
2) Pixel Retargeting
3) Exit Pop-up Blocking
4) SEO Optimized Links
5) Protect Landing Pages

If you have ever tried to run a Facebook Ad to an affiliate link most likely you weren’t allowed to run the ad. It’s not that Facebook doesn’t allow affiliates, they’ve just banned links from most affiliate networks. But there is a way around it…

It doesn’t involve breaking any network terms or risking your accounts either. And it will give you the ability to run traffic to the offers you want to run, where you want to run them. That’s the real power of a good and solid link cloaker like this.

Link Cloaker 2” has a set of functions no other link cloaker is able to offer. If you want to be more protected with your affiliate offers, this is your best option ever!

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