Kindle Thriller 2.0 Review

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Kindle Thriller 2.0 Review

Kindle Thriller 2.0” is a complete video course that shows you how to create, launch and promote a thriller book on Kindle marketplace, also via Kindle Unlimited. Building a thriller may seem difficult, but thanks to my 8 huge videos, all will become incredibly simple. Here are the 8 videos, plus the exclusive contents you will find inside:

  • Video 1 – Introduction of thriller genre
  • Video 2 – Thriller sub-genres revealed
  • Video 3 – Exclusive ways to write a new thriller
  • Video 4 – 8 ideas to get your story running
  • Video 5 – All about characters and plot
  • Video 6 – How to add a fake solution
  • Video 7 – How to create a thriller series
  • Video 8 – Thrillers and Kindle Unlimited
  • PDF Guide with all video contents
  • Bonus – Kindle Thriller Publishing guide
  • Bonus – Kindle Thriller Traffic guide
  • Bonus – Character creation card
  • Bonus – Dice Discovery (launch a dice to create a new story)
  • Bonus – The total list of personal traits
  • Bonus – The original FB Group where you can talk and share your book links

And what about the two One Time Offers? There’s a super collection of 50 high quality covers, of the right size, especially designed for thriller genre and sub-genres. Moreover, you can have 2 personal covers created just for you, for your next book! Then there’s a course on how to create the common “30 Days to…” books, a new phenomenal idea that can really transform you into a teacher!

Kindle Thriller 2.0” is a once in a lifetime course; something that was created to help writers become expert thriller authors and to build their authority in the most followed genre ever on the planet.

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