Kindle Researcher Review

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Kindle Researcher


I never saw a research tool made just for Kindle marketplace, and this “Kindle Researcher” does the task in a special way. It’s a proven and tested software to check information and statistics about your topic or your broad niche, to analyze the competition on your field of expertise, and to see the best price for which you may sold your book.
Not only that, as you can check also the best phrases or keywords to insert in your title and in your description.

And last but not least you may also find big reviewers, able to read and share a review of your book.
Easy to install, and even more simple to use. This is the power of this tool, created for making Kindle publisher’s life easy.
This software solves a lot of problems, doing all the research in just a few seconds and giving you a big advantage over your competitors, that are not using this software for sure!
You can also print out your researches for a better reading, and do it in a step by step way.

And obviously you can even resell your searches on Fiverr, for $4 a hit (for running the software and exporting results), or use them just for your publishing.
This software is an invaluable tool, nothing to say!
I recommend “Kindle Researcher” to any writer that wants to achieve better rankings, and a bigger volume of sales on Kindle marketplace!

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