Kindle Power Contest Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 24-02-2016


Kindle Power Contest

Kindle Power Contest” is my new product for Kindle and Createspace book authors, that will show you how to launch a contest in 2 minutes via marketplace. You choose a prize to give away to winners, and you get back followers on Amazon, Twitter or Youtube views. It’s so powerful that you will be astonished by results like I was! This is huge for Kindle and Createspace sellers!

With my last contest I got 306 followers on Amazon Author Central, 113 new signups to my list and almost $30 of sale. All for the $20.70 I spent for a prize! And it’s even better than a solo ad, because to get just that number of followers, you have to spend a lot more!

In my guide you will find the training on how to setup your first giveaway, plus information on how to advertise it for free in 6 ways, with more than 100 websites where you can submit your contest. It’s all so easy!

For the first 24 hours “Kindle Power Contest” will be sold for a really cheap price, so be fast to grab your copy if you want to promote Kindle ebooks, Createspace books or anything other, even outside Amazon! This method rocks!

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