Kindle Money Magnet Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 18-02-2015


Kindle Money Magnet

My dear friend Vicky Sharma has released his new “Kindle Money Magnet“, a solid product that reveals the right method to create a passive monthly income with just a few Kindle books. With his 5 step process he was able to generate nearly $5000 in just 30 days, from Kindle marketplace.

The five phases he talk about are:

  • Research
  • Writing
  • Formatting
  • Publishing
  • Promotion

So inside you will find many tips and tricks, and real tutorials, including:

  • How to find awesome secret niches to dominate with your new titles.
  • A little secret trick to discover what readers really desire to read, so you can give them exactly what they are searching for.
  • A step-by-step method to jot down a bestsellers book in just 3 days.
  • A super system to create book contents effectively and as fast as you ever seen.
  • How to optimize all your book details while you are going to publish, so that will be easy to make sales.
  • How to give a right price to your Kindle books to win over your competitors, and turn your books into irresistible deals for your visitors.
  • Many optimal strategies to get over the available books in your same niche, so that you can get a lot of more sales and aim to become a bestseller.
  • And a lot of more concepts, strategies and methods!

Vicky has really created an easy to read and step-by-step method with “Kindle Money Magnet“, a great job that can help you to get great results on Kindle marketplace. Try it, I’m sure you will get the best information available!

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