Kindle Killer Review

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Kindle Killer

Stevie Drive is a big Kindle seller, and this time he released “Kindle Killer“, a
 huge product about Kindle market, that shows you how to make up to $7,000
 per month by simply using 7 additional new channels to sell more books 
without writing anymore, and without going crazy!

 This is out from ordinary, and trust me, you will get big results!

The seven places you will discover, are:

  • CreateSpace
  • iTunes
  • NookPress
  • Kobo
  • Scribd
  • Google Play and Books
  • Audible

As you have the content ready from your actual books you sell on Kindle, it will be easy to create new contents for these platform, to sell more copies each and every month. And the power of this guide stays in the methods used on each one of these huge platforms! You will be happy to acknowledge all these methods, because you will stay in front of your direct competitors!
Each one of these 7 resources is shown in an easy to follow step by step method,
 making this one of the best Kindle guides ever released in years. This methods 
can’t get saturated, and you will increase your book sales in 7 different ways.
 You will be grateful to purchase a guide like “Kindle Killer“, an incredible treasure for publishers as well as book authors!

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