Kindle Cozy Mistery Plots Review

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10 Kindle Cozy Plots


Being Italian, English plots help me a lot for writing for the Italian marketplace. This new pack of “10 Kindle Cozy Mistery Plots“, made by Stevie Drive, includes great stories that are easy to modify and make yours.

A cozy mistery is a sub-genre of crime fiction in which sex and violence are downplayed or treated with some humour, while the crime takes place in a small place or community, like a village. So it’s like having Agatha Cristie in a box, because this is her way to write stories. Each story is detailed and given with a chapter to chapter plot, plus a deep character description.

You get all the details you need to craft your story like a new one, or simply to pass these files to your freelancers to get them to create a brand new story for you. Your success is really connected to your story, to your characters, and to your series. With “10 Kindle Cozy Mistery Plots” you are really getting the best on the market, because you get the essence of cozy mistery plots written by a professional ghostwriter who recorded international award winning movies!

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