Kindle Copy & Paste Mogul Review

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Kindle Copy & Paste Mogul


This new book from Stevie Drive, “Kindle Copy & Paste Mogul“, it’s really a great resource for two motives. First, it gives you a feature rich idea on a new type of books I never imagined to create, and second it shows you a way on how to get that type of book written for $5 each.

This is a big idea, a plan that can really change the way we publish on Kindle marketplace. It shows you how to search for ideas, and how to pay a freelancer $25 to create 5 books for us. And with this method alone he made over $5,250. Incredible? Yes, definitely.

But it’s comprehensible that working on trends, and about this specifical book type, you can sell hundreds if not thousands of copies since day 1 of publishing, and Amazon likes to promote these books inside its newsletters, because it sells a lot!

So you get the great possibility to learn a new task, and to make no errors while doing it. And so you can place yourself as an expert in a totally new genre that we never saw on Kindle as well as in any other digital library. Come on, it’s time to rock with “Kindle Copy & Paste Mogul“!

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