Kindle Category Conqueror Review

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Kindle Category Conqueror

Have you ever dreamed to have a lot of sales of your own Kindle books for free? “Kindle Category Conqueror” just use an incredible Kindle category trick, and it works like crazy! Kindle categories can in fact help your books to be discovered with ease, and with KDP you can choose two categories. The problem is sometimes they are not right for your books.

What if I tell you that by using a secret category technique created by Benji Wilson and Mike Balmaceda you could generate well over $11K in royalties from your books? With only 3 books to be precise! This same method you are going to discover has boosted Benji’s book rankings to #317 paid and #2 free on Kindle Store!

You have simply to check out their method, presented in a clear step by step process, and do it on your own books to get a lot of more sales, and a better presence on the Kindle store. This same method generated, apart the $11,000 of cash, 110,000 downloads and over 292 sales in a day. You can check stats directly on sales page.

And for a limited time these two guys are teaching this strategy to you, with their new course. If you’re interested in becoming a bestseller by using a free category system, go now to grab your personal copy of “Kindle Category Conqueror“!

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