KD Killer Hooks Review

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KD Killer Hooks


Bolaji O. always release cool Kindle products, and this “KD Killer Hooks” is really something new that can give you a huge advantage over your competitors.

Isn’t it frustrating how book browsers read but never buy? We have all been that type of person, at least one time, walking through a bookstore aisles in search of the good title catching us, looking for an outstanding book cover we liked, or for a title that attracted us.

Book cover designers know what people like, and they do a lot of research to know that. But you have been fooled before, because I’m sure also you grabbed a stunning cover book only to be bored about it from the first page.

That’s why Bolaji O. tells us that “Book browsers never buy,” unless your first sentence, first paragraph, and first page doesn’t hook them up so well that they can’t drag their eyes away.

If you lose their interest on PAGE ONE… You can be sure to have lost them as customers. That’s why I felt rewarded when Bolaji shared this resource with me.

KD Killer Hooks” shows you how to write killer book openings that hook readers from the first sentence. In this course, he covers:

  • How to use brain science to hook readers from the first sentence.
  • Why Stephen King spends so much time writing opening sentences.
  • The secret formula to make your first page more attractive.
  • The top 7 things to avoid on page one.
  • The 66 best opening lines from novels.
  • And much much more!

Wanna write killer book openings that hook readers from the first sentence? Grab this guide, it is well done and full of tips and tricks coming from a
really good writer. “KD Killer Hooks” is made of 60 pages full of tips and tricks to improve your chances to get sales!

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