KD Crowdspeaking Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 26-05-2016


KD CrowdSpeaking

Today I stumbled upon this new “KD Crowdspeaking“, release by Bolaji O. over Warrior Forum.

Over the last 12 months book visibility has got more difficult than ever. In doing research for his latest book series, my friend Bolaji discovered something that, frankly, shocked him.

When he shared it with me, I was pretty amazed, as 22 New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors were quietly using a completely new traffic source.

Their book ads were reaching over 900,000 readers, each time. And they were doing this completely for free!

There is a traffic source that is largely untapped… Except, a handful of authors are leveraging it all the way to the bank.

This system, and these traffic trailblazers, are the subject of Bolaji O’s latest course – “KD Crowdspeaking“. If you’re tired of struggling to find traffic for books (both new AND old), this is an excellent method.

KD Crowdspeaking” works for both fiction and non-fiction. Bolaji has detailed several case studies, and includes step-by-step instructions on how to totally blow your book traffic numbers out of the water with this!

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