Juggernaut Mind Typing Review

Posted by Admin | Posted in WSO Reviews | Posted on 23-06-2016


juggernaut Mind Typing

Today I stumbled upon a really well done product for Kindle authors, called “Juggernaut Mind Typing” and coming from John S. Rhodes, brilliant author and course creator.
Typing fast is really important if you are an author, consultant or do any “word stuff” online. So how fast can you type?

The typical speed is 42 “WPM” or words per minute. Stella Pajunas is the record holder at 216 words per minute. Oddly enough, John S. Rhodes is not too far behind… because he gets 150 words per minute without any errors.

Seriously. And it’s get even more strange.

John is 100% accurate – every time. No typos at all. Ever. Most people have at least 3 errors every minute. Not John, obviously! Of course he “cheats” but he’s going to show you how to do this.

Even more important, he’ll show you how this is a money skill because you can launch new books fast, and have a great line-up of titles in literally… no time!

This is the power of his new “Juggernaut Mind Typing” video course, made of 2 videos with PDF files.

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